The Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisan PBS Documentary Series


Following 2016’s successful and well received pilot episode of The Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisans Vermont PBS has requested several new episodes to air weekly in 2017.  Frog Hollow intends to fulfill this request and create a public television documentary series and is seeking program support. The series concept is to document Vermont craftspeople from around the state with planned episodes to further document both well known and established artisans as well as emerging artisans. Our aim is to raise awareness regarding the diversity of our artisan population while celebrating the long standing creative nature of individuals within our state. 

With a forty five year history, Frog Hollow has seen many changes in its approach to meeting the Vermont community’s artisan needs. In keeping with the times we are directing our efforts in a number of technology centered areas.  One of these is the use of digital videos to help educate the public about the craft processes used by many of our exhibiting members. To date we have partnered with numerous  interns, colleges and local cable access channels to create a series titled The Artists of Frog Hollow. This series has produced a dozen short 4 - 10 minute profiles of our artists. We have used these films as a great tool in educating the public and as an effective avenue for our artisan population to get their work seen by a larger audience.

With the development of The Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisans our reach has increased to statewide exposure, bringing attention to the work of Vermont’s Craftspeople to hundreds of thousands. It is our intention to elevate our viewer’s appreciation, not only of the artists profiled and their lifelong pursuit of excellence, but also in the diversity of individuals who call Vermont home.

The Frog Hollow Green Mountain Artisan will help accomplish the following:

  • Provide more access to the arts through new and evolving communication venues
  • Widen viewer’s curiosity of self expression through art
  • Enhance the population’s appreciation of handmade objects and their creators
  • Expose the audience to the stories behind the familiar works they have seen
  • Foster a strong connection between residents and their communities
  • Introduce established talents within the state to new markets and appreciation
  • Inspire a common joy of creating art with fellow community members
  • Have residents gain a greater awareness of their environment both as a source of inspiration as well as a source of familiarizing themselves with fellow Vermonters

Frog Hollow is minimally staffed (our non-profit entity employing one part time individual, the Executive Director), and we rely heavily on volunteer labor to make it all work. As a result we have chosen to work with a number of different Vermont based filmmakers on this project. Some are emerging artists themselves, others are more established such as photographer/filmmaker Natalie Stultz who helmed our pilot episode.

Frog Hollow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization with a for-profit subsidiary gallery component. Although continuously recognized as a Vermont State Craft Center for 40+ years, Frog Hollow has never received any state or federal funds in support of operation costs. We are completely self-funded through gallery sales, community memberships, donations and grant support.

In these new episodes we hope to profile such artisans as Peter Miller, Robert Compton, Jess Polanshek, Jon Black and more as well as highlighting past and current collaborating non-profit organizations who use craft as a tool in achieving their mission. Among these organization are the Shelburne Craft School, Project Healing Waters and Frog Hollow itself.  Your support would greatly help us meet our fundraising goal. As a benefit to our supporting funders Frog Hollow will acknowledge your generosity on all print and promotional materials associated with the films and acknowledgment within the film’s introductory and closing credits as well as on the Frog Hollow website.