Inspired by the Chinese potters of the Sung Dynasty, the Cream Carved pieces begin with stoneware that is molded or thrown and then dipped in a layer of white slip. The decoration is drawn free-hand through the slip when the pot is leather hard. The negative spaces of white slip are then carved away, exposing the clay body.

-Miranda Thomas

Each beaker is thrown on the wheel, first pulled up as a straight cylinder, and then outward at a slight angle. Decorated on the outside, it is ready to accept a bouquet of flowers, spreading the stems in a lovely arrangement.

This cream beaker is available in 3 different sizes:

Little: 4" X 3 1/4" wide (pictured here)
Small: 5 3/4" X 4" wide (pictured here)
Medium: 8 1/4" X 5" wide

There are also 5 different designs available. These decorative patterns, each with their own meaning, are usually the main character or motif adorning the pieces.

Tree of Life
The tree of life—constantly dividing, leafing out and blooming—is, since ancient times, a symbol of growth and enrichment in life.

Bird (little beaker pictured here)
Birds are a symbol of marriage and have always been the harbingers of new life. They carry and spread seeds and fruits and their songs fill the air with hope.

The rabbit is a symbol of providence, optimism, immortality and fertility. The rabbit is thought of as cunning and able to escape bad luck.

The leaf scroll, or foliage—like the tree of life—is a symbol of life itself. Constantly dividing and unfurling, the line carries one forward through time and space into infinity.

Peony (small beaker pictured here)
The peony–with its beautiful cup shape and intoxicating scent–has long been coveted throughout gardening history. It is considered a symbol of beauty itself and brings promise to love, marriage and fertility.

Slight variations in size and design do occur because of the handmade quality of these pieces.

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