I began making prints with Butch Limbach at Wesleyan University in 1958, and I’ve been making them in Vermont for over 30 years. My place is my subject matter. My heroes go back to the landscapists of Hellenistic Greece.
-Sabra Field

Sabra Field's eye for clean, bright, and geometric woodblock prints makes her work stand out in any room. An alumna of Middlebury College and Wesleyan University, she honed her printmaking skills while studying with Russell T. Limbach. She has received numerous accolades for work, including Extraordinary Vermonter by Governor Kunin in 1991, the Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts from Governor Dean in 1999, and an Honorary Doctorate in the Art from Middlebury College.

Hay Day captures the warmth of a summer day with the golden hues of the field and hay bales and the bright blue of the sky. While at first glance the bales seem to conform to a pattern, they are in fact randomly dispersed across the field. The river borders the field on the right, and if you look into the distance, there is an iron bridge stretching across it. When hanging the Valley Suite, place this print second from the right in between Young Corn and River and Stars to create a valley across the four prints.

The print measures 15 x 10 inches. Matted for Frog Hollow measures 20 x 16". With a black frame, the piece measures 21.25 x 17.25 inches, and 1.25" deep.

Please note: All of our Sabra Fields are custom matted and availability of these prints within our gallery. Every effort is made to fill our orders as quickly as possible and we communicate with our clients as to the status of all orders.

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