A Lifetime of Vermont People

I take great pride in the quality of A Lifetime of Vermont People; I am having it printed by EBS in Italy; They are matching the color-profiles for the book directly from our photos to get the best reproductions available. The book is 9½ x11½ inches long with 200 photographs and 60 stories. The cover is cloth bound with gold embroidery and featuring two iconic photos making this book for great display. Many of the profiles illustrate the concerns of the Vermonters I interviewed. They understood that times were changing, and that the traditions, customs, and way of life they valued were being practiced less and less.

I spent the last part of 2011 and all of 2012 putting together this book. I took new portraits, interviewed these people and re-wrote old stories. A Lifetime of Vermont People has sixty more pages then Vermont People and the text is longer, for there is more to say and the subjects are not shy. In the back of the book there is a short essay on the changes I have witnessed in Vermont during the past fifty years, and a brief history of the book.
                                                          -Peter Miller

4.00 lb.
9.00in. × 10.50in. × 3.00in.