The common loon is one of the most exotic birds of the north with its wonderful calls and outstanding patterned plumage. We often see them when paddling in the Adirondacks in the Spring when they have their young on their backs and in the Fall when they are grouping up to fly south.  My half-scale regular and calling loons are flat-bottomed and sit low on the water.  This is a feature on loons which contributes to their being great divers.

-Gary Starr

Gary Starr started Starr Decoys outside Middlebury in Weybridge, Vermont in 1987.  His style evolved from his father's influence and reflects the clean lines of traditional hunting decoys. The Gary Starr*Carved Bird Collection was started in 1992 and now consists of 69 species. On the flat back, Gary identifies, brands, dates, and signs each piece. Each piece is made of Vermont basswood.

These beautiful carved common loons measure about 1 foot long x 6 inches wide x 6 inches tall and are 1/2 scale. 

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