Sinus and Chest Cold Rub

Our comforting massage oil is designed to relieve sinus congestion, help you breathe better and bring chest congestion out. Excellent for children, it can also be used as a preventative massage with it's antibacterial properties. Massage this oil onto neck, back, and sinus areas as needed. It may also be used to steam by adding a few drops to bath water or to a bowl of hot water and breathe the vapors deeply. The new spray version may be used on pillows, pajamas and bedding, as well as chest and neck agrea. Avoid eyes, nose and mouth. Also makes a great room freshener! -Cathleen Branon-Keogh, Herbalist Ingredients are all natural: Oil: sweet almond oil with eucalyptus,lavender, thyme, tea tree, sweet marjoram, cajeput and pine essential oils. Spray: Distilled water, alcohol, glycerine, with essential oils of eucalyptus leaf, thyme, tea tree, lavender, cajeput, and pine leaf. This product is available as an oil in a 2 oz bottle and as a spray in a 4 oz. bottle (not pictured).

1.00 lb.
Available Sizes:
1.00in. × 1.00in. × 5.00in.