I enjoy exploring the landscape and it's components. I find the variations in light, form, texture, and color that the elements of a landscape offer fascinating, with endless possibilities to study and observe.
-Jon Olsen

Jon Olsen captures the abstract beauty found in nature. By seeking out specific weather conditions and using a slow shutter speed, he achieves a softness to his photographs that can make viewers wonder whether they are looking at a print, watercolor, or photograph. He does all of his effects with his camera rather than manipulating his photographs digitally. Unlike other photographers, he prints his photographs on watercolor paper, which lends a unique texture to his pictures.

In Winter Maple, Olsen lets the maple tree shine. Ubiquitous in the Northeast, the maple is the quintessential Vermont tree, offering plenty of sap into the springtime. The softness of the snow contrasts the knotty branches of the tree and conveys the cold crispness of the winter day.

The small matted print fits in an 8 x 10 inch frame.

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