Aaron Stein

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My artwork explores the love-hate relationship our automobile consumerism forces us all to experience. My constructs are created from common objects that are combined to express a very personal view. I try to use recycled materials such as scavenged wood and glass.

“Automobilia” may evoke very different reactions in different people, but for sculptor Aaron Stein, it means art. Old license plates, photos of cars used as planters, a shadow box with a police cruiser and a doughnut- whichever of his automobile-themed pieces one looks at, Aaron Stein’s nostalgic assemblages will be sure to evoke a response. Having worked in many mediums, Stein draws from all of them in creating his sculpture. Drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, wood and metal working are all a part of his creative process. Collecting found objects, buying toys, wrecking toys- these too form a basis for his art. “Scavenged” materials show up throughout his work, reflecting the importance of reuse. Watch this great Video about Aaron Stein by Patricia Spaulding.

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