Brian Hewitt

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I want my work to have impact and be noticed but not to overwhelm a room

Brian Hewitt recently returned to the area to dedicate his time as a full-time artist. Using several artist techniques and unique perspectives, creating art desirable to many art enthusiasts. Brian, uses deep contrast, shadows and vibrant colors in his work. “I tend to lean toward the 'wow' factor. I want my work to have impact and be noticed but not to overwhelm a room.”

Brian is a self taught artist and continues to experiment with new and traditional art practices developing his unique style. His art has several layers of paint to create depth, this takes time and patience. “Each piece takes weeks, I am not 'plein air' artist. I use photos and imagination to paint primarily in my studio.”

Born and raised on a dairy farm, he is no stranger to the rural landscapes of Vermont. Upon graduating from UVM he landed in several cities including DC, Manhattan and San Francisco. Later he settled on the coast of Maine. Inspired by Maine's rich history in art and the many current artists that call Maine home, Brian always had an art project going. “The light and water in Maine makes it hard not to be inspired.” Currently, Brian takes his Maine inspiration and paints local landmarks. “Vermont is as inspirational as Maine, sans the coast, and having lived away for many years I see things I didn't see before.”

Brian has worked with many mediums creating furniture and accents from organic and recycled materials. Tree limbs, wine barrel staves, sea glass, stone and skis have all made it into his work. “Utilitarian art is how I refer to it.” Other art endeavors include wood carving using both small hand tools and chainsaws for large pieces. Clay, copper, stained glass and paper mache are other mediums he has experimented with. Enjoy!

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North Bennington