Cathleen Branon-Keogh

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I have found that people are yearning for products that not only work amazingly well for them, but also have spirit and a connectedness with the earth.

Cathleen is a Certified Herbalist. She has four children who help her plant, tend, and especially harvest her herbs. Her training as an Herbalist included a 10 month Herbs and Healing Apprenticeship with Corinne Martin, a Certified Clinical Herbalist in Bridgeton, Maine. She has also participated in post apprenticeship classes with Corinne, Herbal workshops, and lots of life experience with her own family and friends’ families. Even though the chemistry and science of botany and Herbalism fascinates her, Herbalism to Cathleen is intuitive. She researches maladies and the herbs known to help them, then formulates her recipes by also relying on an inner knowing, a feeling of the plants and how they speak to her. She prefers to create her remedies in small batches, hand-pouring every container, including the lip balm tubes.

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