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Daryl Storrs, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Jewelry, VT Printmaking
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My inspiration is all around me in the Vermont landscape. I enjoy the reflective time between conception, drawing, plate development, printing and painting. I always liked printmaking because there is the visual aspect, but it is also quite physical.

Daryl was introduced to printmaking while at Middlebury College and went on to work for Sabra Field. After receiving her MFA from U Mass-Amherst, Daryl split her time between making prints and jewelry and waitressing. “When I began selling things off my ears at work, I decided to quit,” she says. Lithography is a multi-step process that includes drawing, developing plates, rolling ink, running paper through a hand press, painting, varnishing and mounting.

Photo Essay: The process of printing "Looking Back" Photos by Sally McCay

1: The print starts out with a drawing which I transfer onto a piece of shina, plywood, or linoleum.
2: The block is cut with a knife and gouges. Where the block is cut there will be nothing. The remaining wood is what will print.
3: The inks are mixed.
4: The key block (the block with the most information) is "rolled up" with ink.
5: A mask is cut from a print to block out stray marks.
6: The block is placed in a 90 degree registration block where a piece of paper has been taped and folded back. The block is run through the press with the paper.
7: The paper is pulled back. A new wood block is then put back so that the key image will be transferred onto a fresh block. This wood block will be cut with new colors in mind.
8: This process continues until I have six cut blocks with eight colors.
9: Here are all six blocks, inked with masks, and lined up to print. Above them are two finished woodcut prints.
10: The paper stays taped to the registration block while each inked block is run through the press. This is block #1.
11: Block #2
12: Block #3
13: Block #4
14: Block #5
15: Block #6, finished print.
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