David Epstein

Artist Statement: 
Visualizing a design and transforming a featureless sheet of metal into something beautiful to wear is what I love to do. I love the fact that my jewelry will endure as a lasting symbol of someone’ s love and be passed down from one generation to the next. My hope is that my passion for this craft is reflected in my work.

Since establishing his workshop in 1973, David has been designing and creating jewelry for 29 years. Inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds his hillside studio, he designs pieces that reflect the harmony and elegance of the natural world. Working with fine metals and precious and semi-precious stones, he has developed a reputation for high quality custom work, and has a strong local following. The quality of his finished work reflects his passion for his craft; his silver and gold pieces shine brilliantly. His work is carried by many shops and galleries throughout the country.

Making a Lake Stone Pendant Photographs by Rob Hunter

This process shows the steps to creating a pendant Lake Champlain stones.
1: David begins the process of creating his Lake Stone Jewelry by visiting Lake Champlain and collecting a variety of the stones from the shore. These are then taken back to his studio and sorted. Due to unseen flaws within the rock the sorting process is continuous throughout the creation of the work. David looks for solid, un-cracked stones with interesting patterns.

2: The first working of the material is to cut the stones to their desired thickness using a diamond bladed wet saw.

3: The stones usually dictate their end shape due to the size and patterns they exhibit. When this is determined the rough shape of the stone is then cut.

4: The edges are then ground down to the finished shape.

5: The back of the stone is flattened for a proper positioning within the silver setting.

6: The stone is then polished to a fine sheen.

7: A silver ring is made from bezel wire determined by the stones thickness and shaped to the stone.

8: The bezel ring is then soldered to a silver backing plate.

9: A window is cut out of the backing plate and a loop is added.

10: The stone is mounted into the setting.

11: A final polish...

12: The finished piece!

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