Ellen Howard

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Ellen Howard, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Fiber Arts
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I find great inspiration in vintage designs and techniques; the colors in nature are also a special inspiration. I hope the joy I find in my work is passed on to all who admire and purchase it.

Ellen Howard found her passion for sewing and fabric collecting in the second grade during 4-H. The volunteers who helped her learn about this craft were the only sort of formal instructors she had. After college, Ellen began working for a skiwear manufacturer in Vermont. At this job, she honed her sewing skills, and learned to use industrial sewing machines. Over the past 25 years, while raising her family, Ellen has worked for many designers and artists, while developing her sewing and artistic skills. Now she is happy to have the time to create her own work. She finds joy in creating fine fabrics, new and vintage. She loves the process of dying silks and velvets; it's always an adventure.

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