Evan Williams

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Evan Williams
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I see functional pottery as a field in which to play. I strive to make pots that function well and have grace and beauty while doing so. I feel that a pot which functions well invites appreciation of simple beauty merely through its repeated use.

Evan Williams discovered pottery during his senior year at Syracuse University. He spent a couple years as an apprentice at Simon Pearce in Quechee and Windsor, VT. Evan then worked with Miranda Thomas, student of Michael Cardew, to learn firing, glaze formulation, and decorating techniques. "I make wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain pottery- quintessentially utilitarian pots such as bowls, plates, casseroles and mugs, to more atypical pieces such as adventurously large vase forms and ceramic drums. The glazes I use are based on oriental type glazes. I apply my glazes to achieve subtle contrast, I brush and trail layers of glazes loosely to achieve patterns of subtle yet vigorous movement."

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Woodstock, VT