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I've always been fascinated by the fashions and textiles of past eras. Applying lacemaking and embroidery techniques to jewelry design allows me to create a modern, wearable version of the rich traditions of needle arts from the Renaissance to the Victorian eras. I find endless inspiration in the intricacy of the lace patterns, the colors of silks and semi-precious stones, and the meditative movement of the thread, the needle, and the hook.

Ivy Long crafts her jewelry in her Vermont studio using a distinctive blend of lacemaking, embroidery, and jewelry making techniques. Her designs feature real metal threads--luxurious fibers containing gold and silver that were used for centuries in the rich clothing and furnishings of the royalty and nobility of Europe. Ivy hand-embroiders the lace motifs with semi-precious stones and vintage beads before finishing the textile motifs into jewelry.

Entirely self-taught in the art of making lace, Ivy learned bead embroidery from her mother, a milliner and textile artist. She later went on to apprentice with and work for several jewelry designers before finding her calling as a lacemaker. Her bridal jewelry designs have been featured in a variety of international, national, and regional bridal publications, most recently Bridal Guide and WellWed magazines, and have garnered an international clientele.

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