Jeff Clarke

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My best times in the darkroom are when a storm is raging outside or on dark winter afternoons because I’m less tempted to be outside shooting. When printing I still feel the magical excitement I felt the first time I made a print, watching it slowly appear in the amber light. The finished black and white image is the culmination of my entire experience.

Jeff Clarke is a Brockport, New York native. He received his Associates degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in photography in 1976, followed by a Bachelors of Arts from the State University of New York in Plattsburg in 1981. Here, he specifically focused his studies on the natural landscape earning a degree in environmental studies. After his schooling, he was awarded a position funded by the National Science Foundation to document research undertaken at the University of Georgia’s Institute of Ecology. In 1985, he relocated to Burlington, Vermont and opened a commercial photography studio.

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