Joan Drew

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Joan Drew, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Painting
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I work on site, or from my own photos, so I have a good sense of the place, and my subject. My goal is to convey to you, the viewer, my feelings and excitement about my subject.

Joan is a native Vermonter with a lifelong appreciation for small town community life and the natural settings that come with living in New England. She divides her creative time between Maine and Vermont, and her love and appreciation of these settings is depicted in her watercolor scenes. She is known for her vivid use of transparent watercolor, especially evident in her paintings of autumn leaves, lighthouses, and Vermont scenes. Joan is a signature member of the Vermont Watercolor Society, and exhibits at Frog Hollow, The Brandon Artists Guild, and the Chaffee Art Center.

"At the Water's Edge" Process for the watercolor painting Photographs by Joan Drew

1: After taking the photo, I always try to "get to" the painting the same day, or the next; that way I still have "a sense of the place"-- the lighting, colors, feeling, sounds, etc. that drew me there to begin with.
2: I start by cropping and re-sizing my photo to fit my piece of paper and then make a simple sketch on my paper.
3: I then brush in Pebeo liquid frisquet where I want to save the white of the paper.
4: I choose my palette by mixing my own greens using different hues of blue and yellow, and then loosely lay in the background and middle ground on slightly wet paper.
5: I mix more colors, using some from the background, and add some complimentary colors to gray down some of my greens, and lay in the foreground.
6: I remove the frisquet and put a mat on the painting. This helps me decide how much detail I want to put into finishing the piece. I also add some detail to the white areas that were created by the frisquet, and soften some of the hard edges. I start with the biggest brush possible, and use it for as long as I can. I reserve my smaller brushes for the end. This helps me to create a painting with feeling, rather than a paint a detailed copy of the photograph.
7: Finished painting.
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Fern Lake, Leicester