Marilyn Ruseckas

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Marilyn Ruseckas
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My favorite part about using pastels is when combinations of color make perfect sense to me. That is when I know a piece is done. My second favorite part is when it makes perfect sense to someone else as well.

Marilyn has been working with soft pastel for more than 25 years. Most of her works are landscapes influenced by Vermont scenery. Some work is done on site from life, though most often the imagery is reworked and abstracted in the studio. There, design and color are used as tools to create a more personal expression of her perception of landscape. The works are characterized as modern realism. Marilyn was born in Worcester, MA and moved to Warren in 1989. She works from her studio gallery located on Rt. 100 in Warren. Please call ahead for an appointment. To read a blog entry by Marilyn Ruseckas about researching an image for a piece in our Interpreting the Trail Exhibit (Feb 2012) click here

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