Michael Harrigan

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Michael Harrigan, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Metal
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Blacksmithing can transform iron from its raw state into a beautiful work - a very gratifying experience. I am inspired by organic forms that are found in the natural world. Art gives meaning to our lives, and while I enjoy producing traditional forms of ironwork, my greatest reward comes from creating my own abstract and functional designs.

Michael Harrigan earned a B.A. in sociology from Merrimack College, and then attended The Modern Welding School in New York. Intrigued by the transformation of metal by fire, he took a blacksmithing course which sparked an enduring interest in creative and decorative metalwork. Michael eventually set up a small forge in Vermont where he makes traditional ironwork and experiments with creating new designs. His recent work is organic in feeling and combines a fluid and lyrical line with the vigor and strength of iron.

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