Noel Bailey

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Noel Bailey
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I am a potter. I am in love with the material and the process. My practice and ideas evolve through making.

Noel Bailey was born and raised in Southwest Colorado. He has a M.F.A. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a B.A. in Art Education from the University of Northern Colorado. He has had several residencies at Laloba Ranch Clay Center in Steamboat Springs, Colorado as well as an apprenticeship with Potter Bill Wilson, of Montrose, CO. Noel is a utilitarian potter and teacher, currently living in the Mad River Valley, Vermont. "My work is strongly influenced by the natural environment that I live and play in, with the various forms and processes associated with water composing a central, resounding theme. I am drawn to serene, fluid, and graceful forms, which I find abundant in vertical ice and water-carved rock. What fascinates me are the rhythms of freeze and flux, ebb and flow, erosion and deposition. My process engages these transformational cycles; the resulting dynamic surfaces convey a narrative of movement and change."

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Mad River Valley, VT