Ori Goldberg

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In my eyes, jewelry design is the wonderful combination of creativity and craftsmanship. The creative part is the desire to design and form ideas with the outmost freedom. The craftsmanship, skills and techniques I have acquired allow me to construct my creation. I receive great joy and satisfaction from sharing both with other people as I continue to evolve, learn, and develop my skills

Ori was born and raised in Israel. He always had an affinity towards diverse artistic medias including painting, sculpture, and metal-smithing. He acquired his formal education in architectural design, which lead to develop an interest in the unique structural creation of sculpture and jewelry design. Without formal education in jewelry design and fabrication, he obtained most of his knowledge and techniques through self-teaching and a short apprenticeship in Israel. He finds great joy in creating unique pieces that are inspired by architecture, people, and nature. The great majority of his jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind, hand fabricated from a combination of silver, gold, stones, and less traditional materials such as pebbles and wood. He recently started to also develop his sculpture skills and creative ideas, creating artistic pieces from mostly concrete and slate. Ori balances family life and work from his home studio in Vermont.

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