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Robert Compton Smiling
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I have come to understand that life is a journey, not a destination, and I feel privileged to be making that journey as a potter.

The focus of Robert Compton's work is inspired by ancient Jomon pottery. An important element is the quality of a pot's surface, which for Robert, is best achieved in the process of wood firing and salt glazing. Robert and his wife Christine live on a former dairy farm, in a mountain valley of Bristol, Vermont. The barn serves as his studio and the 19th century farmhouse is both showroom & home. In the early 1990's he built a variety of kilns at the studio. This provided him with the opportunity to offer summer workshops. From 1993 until 2006, potters from around the world came Robert and Christine's home to share a common interest in clay. The following are three lectures by Robert about various aspects of being a potter filmed at the Frog Hollow off-site retrospective exhibit "Robert Compton - A 40 Year Retrospective" A Potter's Life The Working Potter The Potter's Kiln

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