Sarah Waite

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Sarah Waite, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Illustration
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My drawings come from spending a lot of time in nature: hiking, fishing, or just being in my backyard. I am especially intrigued by the patterns of the natural world and try to bring this to each drawing, keeping in mind how the parts make up the whole.

Sarah Waite uses the natural forms of animals, plants and trees in a form-line and symbolic style to create her impressive pen-and-ink illustrations, inspired by art of the Northwest Coast. The subject of the series is the Northeast ecosystem and the relationships among the flora and fauna within it. When working on a new illustration, Waite learns as much as she can about the animal, considering its place in the food chain and its interactions with its surroundings. Named in the Mohawk language, the drawings reflect the environment in a state less affected by humans. The illustrations have been -- and continue to be -- developed over time. Each offers slight variations from the original piece.

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