Spencer Lewis

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When I started writing songs in my early teens, I was immediately aware that they were an important part of my life process. They helped me understand who I was and where I wanted to go.

Spencer Lewis’ music is the sum of many parts: acoustic steel-stringed guitarist, folksinger-songwriter, fiddler, violinist, and composer. His prolific 15 CD catalog of instrumental music has sold over 120,000 units since 1988 making him one of the most successful independent, self-produced recording artists in the country. Lewis possesses a signature sound that combines the detailed precision of the acoustic guitar along with the sustained elegance of the violin - often played together on stage using the latest in looping technology. His music described as "simple, yet profound” (Silo Distributors) draws from influences of American Folk, Old-Time, Celtic, and Classical Music. He creates a comfortable and accessible kind of ‘back porch’ feeling with melodies and emotions that wrap around the soul like a blanket. Spencer plays throughout the northeast and his music has won awards and has been featured on film soundtracks.

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