Terry Zigmund

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My passion for the medium and my evolution as an artist inspired me to begin fusing and slumping glass while continuing to construct stained glass objects.

Terry Zigmund is fascinated by glass as a medium for its dualities. It is strong yet fragile, solid yet molecularly unstable... the phenomenal array of colors and textures and the way this interaction reacts to light and the absence of light. The properties of the material also intrigue her; what other artistic medium can an artist work with in its liquid and solid form? When Terry began working with glass, she worked soley with stained glass. This returned her to her roots by creating jewelry embellished with wire and glass beads, as well as windows. Making a Stained Glass Window Photographs by Rob Hunter

This process shows traditional methods for creating a stained glass window.
1: Several designs are drawn out and the favorite is selected.

2: The selected design is then drawn to scale.

3: Glass colors and textures are chosen for the different sections of the window.

4: The design is copied onto the respective glass pieces.

5: The glass pieces are then cut out.

6: The edges of the cut glass are then ground down to fit evenly.

7: Lead channel is cut to fit each piece of glass.

8: Like a puzzle, the glass is fitted together.

9: The Metal is then fluxed and soldered into place.

10: On larger pieces a cross bar is soldered onto the back of the window for added strength and stability.

11: The metal and glass joints are then grouted to seal the piece.

12: Whiting is next applied and buffed off to dry the grout and polish the glass.

13: A final cleaning and polishing is done to bring the glass and metal to their full luster.

14: The finished piece...

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