Victoria Blewer

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I prefer to work with oil paints, because of the texture they lend to my work and because of the vibrant quality of oil colors. Many of the images I choose to hand-color are among my most surreal, and oils reinforce their dreamlike quality.

Victoria’s original black-and-white photographs are the basis for her luminous images. Each print is then meticulously hand-colored using a tinting technique that gives each image a mystical quality. Hand-coloring photographs is a delicate and time-honored technique used by photographers for well over a century. By applying paint with cotton wrapped tightly around a toothpick, the artist rubs the paint onto the photograph until the color is smooth and even. This is the technique that was used before the invention of color film. Each photograph is an original print, colored individually in a limited edition of 40 prints. Listen to Victoria talk about her recent visits to Cuba as she explores digital photography here...

View our Catalogue of Victoria's 2015 CUBA! exhibit below.




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