Robert Compton Smiling

The focus of Robert Compton's work is inspired by ancient Jomon pottery. An important element is the quality of a pot's surface, which for Robert, is best achieved in the process of wood firing and salt glazing. Robert and his wife Christine live on a former dairy farm, in a mountain valley of Bristol, Vermont. The barn serves as his studio and the 19th century farmhouse is both showroom & home. In the early 1990's he built a variety of kilns at the studio. This provided him with the opportunity to offer summer workshops.

Maxine Hugon

Today we live with flat, glowing rectangles that connect us to anything and everything, from our work to our dearest friends. It is an amazing time, and we are fortunate for the virtual connection at our fingertips. But we still need a mug for our morning coffee, a bowl to sit on the kitchen counter to cradle our fruit, and a vase for our flowers. In my work, I strive to impart contemplative beauty to these real, solid objects we reach for and use every day.

 Polly Whitcomb

polly is a native Vermonter, but has lived a good part of her life elsewhere. Most recently in New Mexico, where she had a studio/gallery in Santa Fe and then in Ribera. In 2011 she moved back to Springfield Vermont, whereshe had a studio--The Clay Shaper--in part of a renovated factory building, the former Gear Shaper. For thirty years or so she has been a potter, using stoneware clays, usually thrown and altered. Often the pots are patterned using a wax-resist technique. Sometimes bits of masking tape are arranged on the pot and then removed after the glaze is applied, leaving a pattern.

Meredith Mann

Provoking emotion, positive or negative in people, and inspiring conversation through my work is my greatest reward. Clay brings community together through ritual, ceremony, and everyday life. I am honored to help carry on this ancient tradition in our modern society. Meredith studied clay and anthropology at the University of Arizona. She taught fine arts at Navajo Community College for three years and received her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Goddard College.

Matlakwauhtli Mayforth, Frog Hollow Artisan, Pottery

Matlakwauhtli Mayforth was a college student in Monterey California when she discovered ceramics. In 1977, she returned to her native state of Vermont, rented space in a pottery studio and went to work. Today, Matlakwauhtli is a studio potter and teaches clay classes for the Town of Bristol.

Evan Williams

Evan Williams discovered pottery during his senior year at Syracuse University. He spent a couple years as an apprentice at Simon Pearce in Quechee and Windsor, VT. Evan then worked with Miranda Thomas, student of Michael Cardew, to learn firing, glaze formulation, and decorating techniques. "I make wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain pottery- quintessentially utilitarian pots such as bowls, plates, casseroles and mugs, to more atypical pieces such as adventurously large vase forms and ceramic drums. The glazes I use are based on oriental type glazes.

Noel Bailey

Noel Bailey was born and raised in Southwest Colorado. He has a M.F.A. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a B.A. in Art Education from the University of Northern Colorado. He has had several residencies at Laloba Ranch Clay Center in Steamboat Springs, Colorado as well as an apprenticeship with Potter Bill Wilson, of Montrose, CO. Noel is a utilitarian potter and teacher, currently living in the Mad River Valley, Vermont.

Diane Rosenmiller, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Pottery

Diane Rosenmiller isn’t sure when she became an artist. Was it the pencil holder she made in kindergarten or the coil vase in seventh grade? Her work has been exhibited and selected for permanent collections all over the country. Diane worked as a pottery instructor in the Frog Hollow that was in Manchester.

Eleanora Eden, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Glass, VT Pottery

The daughter of a jeweler and a woodworker Eleanora Eden grew up in Berkeley CA, and received her BA in Ceramic Design, studying under Peter Voulkos, at UC Berkeley, and MA in Ceramic Art at San Jose State University A professional studio potter since 1970, she is represented in both private and public collections.

Jean Meinheardt, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Pottery

A native Vermonter, Jean Meinhardt’s work has always been primarily focused in the area of the thrown form. After starting her own business in 1991, she became interested in developing her own glazes; she has experimented with many types, and that experimentation has led her to her current unusual glazes.


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