Amy Felske, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Fiber Arts

Amy Felske has been making dolls for 20 years. Dragons, mermaids, fairies and trolls emerge from her imagination and are translated into dolls that range from quirky to elegant. She combines fabric, fibers, natural elements and beads to create dolls that reflect her visions of a fantasy world. To read a blog entry by Amy Felske about finding her craft click here

Nora Swan & Sam Stone

Swan&Stone is a collective of six sheep and two artisans. Together they grow hats on their Vermont farm. Sam Stone, the farmer and felter, was mostly self-taught and began making felt and spinning wool 6 years ago after the first shearing of her sheep. Sam makes our felts using farm-raised wool, local alpaca, mohair and other natural fibers. Nora Swan, the designer and milliner, attended the Fashion Institute of Technology's millinery program and worked for a decade in New York City as both a fashion and theatrical milliner.

Louise Vojtisek, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Fiber

I am a Psychologist by training. My Therapy is to knit.  The big reason I use whimsical colors and knit for babies, is so people engaged them. It is a great way to start out in life.

Marta Sulocka

Marta's designs strive to create timeless yet modern pieces that represent slow and mindful lifestyle where objects enhance your everyday life and serve a purpose.  Her textiles combine usability and design, form and function.  With an emphasis on quality, she bases her designs on hand drawn, organic patterns and the beauty of imperfections.

Ellen Spring, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Fiber Arts

Ellen was born and grew up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. The combination of naturalist parents and a beautiful environment lead to her great appreciation for the natural world. She attended art school in New York state and Kentucky, and graduated from the University of Vermont. Today she lives in Starksboro with her husband and two daughters and finds the hills and forests of Vermont to be a boundless source of inspiration and peace. To read a blog entry by Ellen Spring about Itajime Shibori Dying click here

Ellen Howard, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Fiber Arts

Ellen Howard found her passion for sewing and fabric collecting in the second grade during 4-H. The volunteers who helped her learn about this craft were the only sort of formal instructors she had. After college, Ellen began working for a skiwear manufacturer in Vermont. At this job, she honed her sewing skills, and learned to use industrial sewing machines. Over the past 25 years, while raising her family, Ellen has worked for many designers and artists, while developing her sewing and artistic skills. Now she is happy to have the time to create her own work.

Susan Rockwell

Since childhood, when her grandmother taught her how to spin and her mother taught her to sew, Susan Rockwell has been working with fiber. And she has been passing her knowledge on through teaching for many years. The entire weaving process, as well as the assembly and packaging of the cards, is done by Susan herself, and her yarn is 100% cotton.

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