Bud Shriner

Bud Shriner pursued medicine at the University of Vermont and practiced emergency medicine for fifteen years. His initiation to glass was lampworking Pyrex and quartz in a neuro-chemistry lab. Ten years later, he helped set up a hot glass stuio and began learning glassblowing. After studying at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, he renovated a downtown Burlington building and opened his own hot glass studio.

Robert Burch

Robert has been working in blown glass since 1971, while maintaining a broad production line he is Increasing his focus on one-of-a-kind and commission work. His glasswork consists of vases, perfume bottles, paperweights and sculptural pieces, with his current specialty being works that incorporate veiled silver glass with delicate bubble patterns. Since 1977 Robert’s works have been shown in numerous shows across the country. Says Robert, “Most of my inspiration comes from my natural surroundings, and is further enhanced by the beauty of the glass in its molten state.

Fred Varney, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Glass

Fred Varney was born in Springfield, Massachusetts; called the City of Homes, many of its fine houses featured stained or leaded glass windows. He remembers noticing and looking for stained glass from an early age.

Gabe Cole, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Glass

A second-generation glass blower, Gabriel’s glass is functional and decorative, designed to be used daily, and is made of pure Swedish Crystal. At twenty years old, he received his first glass blowing job at a world famous crystal glass factory and worked his way to becoming a team leader of glass makers. After eight years of production and studying at numerous glass studios, he pursued his own hot glass shop and line of glass.

Chris Sherwin

Getting a taste of glassblowing while at SCSU in CT in 1991 led to an apprenticeship creating functional crystal; across the states to CA in 1997 allowed for additional refinement of his skills in iridescent and torch-work design from masters of the trade; and in 2004, he and his family returned home to Vermont where he has established his own ‘art glass’ business. Living a mile from his studio, he continues his lifelong dedication to the craft -- staying small, focused, and concentrated on consistency and quality.

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