Ori was born and raised in Israel. He always had an affinity towards diverse artistic medias including painting, sculpture, and metal-smithing. He acquired his formal education in architectural design, which lead to develop an interest in the unique structural creation of sculpture and jewelry design. Without formal education in jewelry design and fabrication, he obtained most of his knowledge and techniques through self-teaching and a short apprenticeship in Israel. He finds great joy in creating unique pieces that are inspired by architecture, people, and nature.

Tossy Garrett, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Jewelry

The sculptural shapes and intricate detail in Tossy’s jewelry are the result of wax carving. “I enjoy the slow and delicate process of carving in wax…. I can feel the intention of my design moving into the wax form as it takes shape.” Her designs are influenced by her love and wonder for the natural world and its forms, and inspired by the cultural histories embodied in jewelry from around the world. She has also been inspired by her travels in Turkey, Italy and Ireland.

Chris Jeffrey has been working with glass for over 15 years. His studio is in downtown Barre, on the top floor of a once-abandoned building that now houses artists’ studios and the Studio Place Arts visual arts center. Chris primarily makes stained glass windows for private homes and public buildings, but he also takes great pleasure in working with fused glass. The beauty of the earrings Chris sells at Frog Hollow comes from artfully fusing colored glass with patterned dichroic glass.

Ivy Long crafts her jewelry in her Vermont studio using a distinctive blend of lacemaking, embroidery, and jewelry making techniques. Her designs feature real metal threads--luxurious fibers containing gold and silver that were used for centuries in the rich clothing and furnishings of the royalty and nobility of Europe. Ivy hand-embroiders the lace motifs with semi-precious stones and vintage beads before finishing the textile motifs into jewelry.

Ann Kearney was first introduced to metal smithing during her college years. She loved it from the start, and proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Gold and Silversmithing from the State University of New York, in New Paltz.

After graduation, Ann started a handcrafted jewelry business which was very successful for a decade. She worked as the sole designer for a jewelry manufacturing company before deciding to return to owning her own business.


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