Sarah Waite, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Illustration

Sarah Waite uses the natural forms of animals, plants and trees in a form-line and symbolic style to create her impressive pen-and-ink illustrations, inspired by art of the Northwest Coast. The subject of the series is the Northeast ecosystem and the relationships among the flora and fauna within it. When working on a new illustration, Waite learns as much as she can about the animal, considering its place in the food chain and its interactions with its surroundings. Named in the Mohawk language, the drawings reflect the environment in a state less affected by humans.

Marilyn Ruseckas

Marilyn has been working with soft pastel for more than 25 years. Most of her works are landscapes influenced by Vermont scenery. Some work is done on site from life, though most often the imagery is reworked and abstracted in the studio. There, design and color are used as tools to create a more personal expression of her perception of landscape. The works are characterized as modern realism. Marilyn was born in Worcester, MA and moved to Warren in 1989. She works from her studio gallery located on Rt. 100 in Warren. Please call ahead for an appointment.

Jess Polanshek, Frog Hollow VT Artist

Jess Polanshek spent most of her childhood moving throughout the cities and forests of Florida and Vermont. Along with traditional art education, she spent time traveling overseas which has been a great influence on her artistic progression. Within these different environments, Polanshek's art has always revolved around elements of northern forests and the creatures that inhabit them.

Zoë Tilley Poster, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Illustrator

Zoë Tilley Poster lives in a thicket. She enjoys scrambling through the underbrush, allowing tales of beast and bramble to build in her mind. Back in the studio, she picks the thorns from her hair and gets busy putting pencil to paper. Zoë's drawing sessions begin with quick sketches and value studies, exploring the angles and curves of her subjects and the balance of lights and darks needed for a successful composition. The final drawing is a slow process of layering pencil marks and graphite powder, and using kneaded and white erasers to create light.

Steven Clark, VT Painter, Frog Hollow Artist

The Vermont landscape has been my main subject for quite sometime with its barns, cows and mountains. But for me it is the clouds that have made painting landscapes so much fun. I think about them the most when planning a composition but they are the last piece to be added to the canvas and yet the quickest to apply – random and unique every time.The dripping technique is a challenge. But the effect and original intent is surprisingly still successful. Adding color pulls the composition together.

Deborah Holmes, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Painting

Deborah lives in Bristol, Vermont in the heart of the village where she has an at-home studio and gallery.. She moved there from Shoreham, Vermont this past summer. She can look out of her kitchen window and see Deerleap Mountain and can walk to all that she needs, including the New Haven River. She really enjoys spending time with her four (mostly) grown sons, Cameron, Andrew, Sam and Lewis, grandson Miles and time with good friends. This past winter (2016) she spent six weeks in the southwest with her youngest son, Lewis where they volunteered on the Navajo Reservation and she painted.

Joan Drew, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Painting

Joan is a native Vermonter with a lifelong appreciation for small town community life and the natural settings that come with living in New England. She divides her creative time between Maine and Vermont, and her love and appreciation of these settings is depicted in her watercolor scenes. She is known for her vivid use of transparent watercolor, especially evident in her paintings of autumn leaves, lighthouses, and Vermont scenes. Joan is a signature member of the Vermont Watercolor Society, and exhibits at Frog Hollow, The Brandon Artists Guild, and the Chaffee Art Center.

Julia Emilo, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Painting

The most wonderful aspect of Julia Emilo's gourds is their expression. Whether a snooty sommelier, a hapless fisherman, or a happy gardener, Julia's gourds assert themselves with their own unique personalities, and every one is different.

Brian Hewitt recently returned to the area to dedicate his time as a full-time artist. Using several artist techniques and unique perspectives, creating art desirable to many art enthusiasts. Brian, uses deep contrast, shadows and vibrant colors in his work. “I tend to lean toward the 'wow' factor. I want my work to have impact and be noticed but not to overwhelm a room.”

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