Suzanne LeGault, Frog Hollow Artisan, VT Printmaking

Suzanne received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before moving to Vermont in 1980.  She has worked as an illustrator and printmaker since that time.  Although she enjoys drawing and painting, screen printing is her preferred medium. She interprets the world around her by breaking it down into defined shapes of color, pattern and texture. Suzanne draws her inspiration from Vermont's natural beauty, using bold, saturated colors and oftentimes pairs different views and perspectives within the same piece.

I am lucky to live and work in Calais, Vermont. In 2012, after years of working as a furniture-maker, and making cards on the side for myself and family, I took a career detour and started Carve Designs. As a young child I lived in the mountains in southern New Mexico, and the wild, imaginative spirit of that place has never completely left me, despite many happy years in urban settings. The inspiration for most of my designs is nature, nature, nature! Luckily, we're surrounded by it here, so design ideas are not hard to come by.

Daryl Storrs, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Jewelry, VT Printmaking

Daryl was introduced to printmaking while at Middlebury College and went on to work for Sabra Field. After receiving her MFA from U Mass-Amherst, Daryl split her time between making prints and jewelry and waitressing. “When I began selling things off my ears at work, I decided to quit,” she says. Lithography is a multi-step process that includes drawing, developing plates, rolling ink, running paper through a hand press, painting, varnishing and mounting.

Sabra Field, Frog Hollow Artist, VT Printmaking

Perhaps no artist is more identified with having captured Vermont’s pastoral qualities than Sabra Field. Sabra Field was born in 1935 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she grew up in the metropolitan New York area. She earned a B.A. with honors in The Arts from Middlebury College, which awarded her its Alumni Achievement Award in 1984, and an Honorary Doctor of Arts in 1991. She holds an M.A.T. degree from Wesleyan University, where she studied printmaking with Russell T. Limbach. She taught high school art for seven years in public and private schools.

Casey Blanchard

Primarily a self-taught artist, Casey explores her experiences through the engaging and often unpredictable print medium of monoprinting. She is most interested in the spiritual aspects that emerge in the image, particularly relating to how we live in the world and how the world lives in us. In the beginning the work may be a search for answers, but in the end it's more about being here without them. Casey Blanchard was born in Greenwich, CT in 1953. She lives in Shelburne, VT with her husband, Dan Cox, and their daughter, Julia Cox.

William Hays

William's mastery of printmaking and oil painting is on display in a dozen countries around the world. His linoleum block prints are the pinnacle of the printmaker's art. His oil paintings convey the deep affection he has for the world that surrounds us all.

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