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Backgammon Set

Mark Dabelstein, Backgammon Set, VT Wood
Mark Dabelstein, Backgammon Set, VT Wood

Since 1989 I have been creating furniture, artwork and home accessories from salvaged and discarded materials. I take pleasure in the challenge of transforming materials that otherwise would be in the landfill into functional, well-built furnishings and also enjoy the rustic look that is created from existing character wood of nail hole ridden and beaten salvaged wood

-Mark Dabelstein

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games, involving a combination of luck and skill to win. Both of these elements are also at play in the production of this set. Mark Dabelstein made it out of reclaimed and salvaged wood. The natural background provides a pop of color to the black and white points. Made with low impact paint and natural finishes. The board comes with thirty bottle cap checkers from a variety of breweries and two blue Koplow dice. The checkers have rubber grommets on the bottoms to protect the board. The board folds in half and closes with a brass catch for easy storage when not in use.

The board’s dimensions are 9.75" x 14.5" x 2" closed, 19.75" x 14.5" x 1" open

Price: $175.00
Weight: 3 lb