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Beachstone Ring

David Epstein, Beachstone Rings, VT Jewelry

These beach stone jewelry pieces are made by first selecting the stones for the quality of their structure and interesting striped patterns. They are then cut and polished and set in finely crafted sterling silver.

-David Epstein

Iberville shale is dark gray and characterized by numerous white stripes. Marine silt formed the stone roughly 440 to 500 million years ago. The silt became rock as it hardened and compacted over time. The white stripes that flow through the shale are veins of the mineral calcite, which was formed by a vertical compressing force great enough to allow the calcium carbonate in the water to coalesce into the white bands of calcite. The high pressure and heat needed to make these beautiful stripes is also what formed the mountains surrounding Lake Champlain. One of the best places to see Iberville shale is Lone Rock Point in Burlington.

Due to the natural variety of the beachstone each piece of jewelry has one-of-a-kind stone pattern and might not match the pictured items. Each item is made using sterling silver.

Price: $160.00