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Cardinal Glass Paperweights

Chris Sherwin, Cardinal Paperweights, VT Glass
Chris Sherwin, Pair of Cardinal Paperweights, VT Glass

On the male cardinal: These Regal and Elegant, hand-sculpted birds are colored Red, with black accent on the wings, encased in clear, with torch-worked black faceplate and bright red/orange beak.

On the female cardinal: Often over-looked in her own right, yet a perfect complement to her Red partner, this elegant bird is a brown/beige in color, with red accent on wings & light speckles on her breast, encased in clear with torch-worked black faceplate and red/orange beak.

-Chris Sherwin

Both male and  female birds are currently available in two sizes: 
Regular: 3-4 inches tall, 4-5 inches beak to tail
Small: 2-3 inches tall 3 inches beak to tail

You can find glass craftsman, Chris Sherwin, in his Bellows Falls, Vermont studio on any given day, talking over his shoulder as he rolls molten glass on the end of his blowpipe. A glassblower for 17 years, Sherwin is best known for his torch work design, or “Painting with Glass”. Using hand-pulled canes of glass, Sherwin uses a specialized torch to melt the tip of each cane and applies the bit of molten glass to his pieces, “one flower petal at a time”, creating works of art and showcasing Nature’s beauty.  Sherwin incorporates torchwork design into most of his glass creations, including vases, floral paperweights and hand-sculpted animals.  Sherwin is most inspired by the majesty of nature, his family, and his repeat customers, who often inspire him to new designs. 

Price: $60.00
Dimensions: 4 in × 4 in × 4 in