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Holiday Reindeer Scene

Payne and Elise Junker, Reindeer Scene, VT Metal
Sleigh Detail, Payne and Elise Junker, Reindeer Scene, VT Metal

It's become a collaboration. I'll hand-forge a piece in iron and Elise will cut a design in steel and we'll put them together.

-Payne Junker

Payne and Elise Junker's collaborative pieces reflect his training in blacksmithing and her artistic sensibility. Payne began learning the smithing trade in high school, and he decided to follow his passion for the art after college. Elise was a dancer in New York City and sold clothing that she painted and designed at craft shows around New England. She came to smithing after meeting Payne at a craftshow where they both sold their pieces.

This reindeer sculpture is made out of textured metal and features 8 reindeer dutifully pulling Santa's sleigh. The sleigh is piled high with presents and has cut-out spiral detailing along its bottom edge. Fitted with two nail holes this, 1 inch deep, four foot long piece can easily be displayed on a mantle, above a doorway or on a hall table to help welcome in the holiday season.

The sculpture measures 48” wide x 7” tall.

Price: $125.00