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Intersection Stud Earrings

Jon Black, Intersection Stud Earrings, VT Jewelry
Backs of earrings, Jon Black, Intersection Stud Earrings, VT Jewelry

The Intersection Studs are lightweight sculptural earrings from Jon Black in Morrisville, Vermont. With his signature contemporary southwest feel, Jon pairs Sterling Silver with Copper turned turquoise through Patina. These studs attach to the ear via Sterling Silver ear posts. The disks are 1" in diameter and the embedded copper box adds another quarter inch to the length for an overall length of 1.25" Finish and Care: The Sterling Silver is finished to a smooth satin and is best kept clean by use of a Sunshine Satin Finishing Cloth. Liquid Cleaner should not be used in order to preserve the Patina inside of the Copper rectangle.

Price: $95.00