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Large Bowl

Jean Meinhardt, Large Bowls, VT Pottery


Jean Meinhardt has decades of experience hand-throwing and glazing clay. Over the years, she has developed a unique and distinctive style using porcelain and her own high-fire crystalline glaze. When fired, the glaze creates crystalline structure that refracts light and gives each piece an iridescent, almost metallic, quality and thin lightning bolt patterns. Her pottery is functional and both dishwasher and microwave safe.
These large bowls are available in three sizes: 9, 10, and 12 inch diameter and are available in four colors: Iridescent Black, Green, Copper, and Chartreuse. Each bowl is signed on the bottom by the artist.

In creating glazes, I want to do more than simply cover the form. The glazes I find most appealing are those that invite your eye to take a closer look. I hope to achieve a balance between a simplicity of form and richness of surface, to make pieces which can be appreciated over time through daily use.  -Jean Meinhardt

Price: $70.00
Weight: 1 lb