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Polka Dot Glass Holiday Ornament

Eric Nelson, Polka Dot Glass Ornament, VT Glass

Approx. 2 1/4” - 2 ½” round. Handmade borosilicate glass ornament by Eric T. Nelson of Eye and I Glass. Each ornament starts with pure clear glass, upon which a coating of fine silver is deposited, giving the glass its delicate bluish-white look. Deep, rich red glass is dotted onto this silver layer in bold patterns which are then melted and blown into a classic round ornament shape. The ornaments are finished with the timeless look of a simple metal cap and each one is signed on the neck by the artist with an “E 2014” using a diamond scribe. Coloration and sizing will vary slightly with each ornament, each one is unique.

Price: $22.00
Dimensions: 2.5 in × 2.5 in × 2.5 in