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Janet Zug, Twister Vases, VT Glass
Janet Zug, Twister Vase, Ruby, VT Glass
Twister Signature Detail, Janet Zug, Twister Vase, VT Glass
Twister Vase Opening Detail, Janet Zug, Twister Vase, VT Glass
Color Options, Janet Zug, VT Glass

Having the freedom and ability to make bright and cheerful creations is very satisfying but my highest compliment is the feeling of joy people have when they experience beauty through a piece of my work. Using deep jewel-tones, I strive to create functional designs that inspire happiness.
-Janet Zug

A new twist on a classic shape, the Twister vases are a perfect gift for any personality. 
small- 1.5"w x 5.5"h 
medium- 2"w x 9"h

Price: $56.00
Weight: 4 lb