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  • Destination


    I prefer to work with oil paints, because of the texture they lend to my work and because of the vibrant quality of oil colors. Many of the images I choose to hand-color are among my most surreal, and oils reinforce their dreamlike quality.
    -Victoria Blewer

    "Destination" is a hand painted, limited edition (numbered series of 15), photographic triptych with each of the three images measuring 9x12 inches (exterior framed measurement is approx. 16 x 47 inches ).

    Victoria Blewer, Destination, VT Photography
    Artist Signature Detail, Victoria Blewer, Destination, VT Photography
    Price: $750.00
  • Holiday 10 Card Pack


    This card is a reproduction of an original watercolor and pen drawing. The card is 5"x7" and comes with a matching envelope. Blank inside. Packs of 10 will come in a handy paper box for easy storage.

    Merry and Bright Holiday Card, Holiday Card, Jess Polanshek, VT Illustration
    Merry and Bright Holiday card, Holiday Card, Jess Polanshek, VT Illustration
    Price: $34.00
  • Chopstick Bowl


    Leslie Koehler keeps half of the exterior of these bowls unglazed, to expose the vibrant red terracotta clay. The interior is covered in a white majolica glaze, and then hand-painted in one of four patterns, inspired by the style of Japanese ink painting. The bowls are specially designed with chopstick holders so you can plate up your rice, noodle, stir fry, and salad dishes in style! Please note: the size of bowls can vary slightly, as they are handmade.

    Leslie Koehler, Ceramics, Chopstick Bowl, Dragonfly
    Leslie Koehler, Ceramics, Chopstick Bowl, DragonflyLeslie Koehler, Ceramics, Chopstick Bowl, DragonflyLeslie Koehler, Ceramics, Chopstick Bowl, Dragonfly
    Price: $42.00
  • Possum Hat



    Possum hat is available in black and dark rose or black and indigo blue. Available in sizes small, medium, and large. Dr. Vatsala Sperling has created a line of hats specially for the season. She has sourced the light, warm, soft and very fine textured Merino - Possum combination yarn from New Zealand and crocheted each hat by hand. All income from the sale of her work is donated to a scholarship fund for needy children in a rural school in Vermont as well as Costa Rica.

    Possum hat in black and dark rose, Vatsala Sperling, VT Fiber Arts, Frog Hollow Artisan
    Price: $45.00
  • Looking Back


    "Looking Back" is a 6-Block Woodcut created in 2008. It is a Limited Edition of 300. Image Size: 6" x 6", Unframed, mounted on 100% cotton rag foam core. Option: Framed/Mounted, Size: 12" x 12" includes: Framed with 100% cotton rag mat board and backing, in a Nielsen black frame.

    Daryl Storrs, Looking Back, VT Printmanking
    Price: $135.00
  • Star Farm


    Supper’s almost ready, chores still light the barn. 
    Stars above the snowy fields, illuminate the farm.“ - Sabra Field

    Medium: Archival Pigment Print From Woodcut
    Year: 2016    Edition: Open

    The print measures 15 x 10 inches. Matted it measures 20 x 16 inches.  With a black frame, the piece measures 21.25 x 17.25 inches, and 1.25" deep.

    Star Farm, Sabra Field, VT Printmaking, Frog Hollow Artist
    Price: $250.00
  • Hemisphere SteamPunk Cuff Links


    The world is a Steamy thing to contemplate, or ware on your sleeve. Perfect for an evening out wearing your waistcoat and top hat is a pair of pewter and brass hemisphere cufflinks. Great for world travelers, environmentalists and citizens of the earth.

    These are 3/4 inch (29 mm) in diameter with nickel silver backs. They are signed by the artist and copyrighted.

    Mark Eliot Schwabe, Hemisphere SteamPunk Cuff Links, VT Metal, VT Jewelry
    Back Detail, Mark Eliot Schwabe, Hemisphere SteamPunk Cuff Links, VT Metal, VT Jewelry
    Price: $75.00
  • Vermont: We Love It From the Top to the Bottom Winter Spring Summer and Autumn


    Each Print is available framed or unframed.

    There are two sizes for unframed prints:

    8 1/2" X 11"
    16" X 20"

    Three sizes are available for framed prints:

    8 1/2" X 11" ( 10 1/2" X 13" with frame)
    16" X 20" (18" X 22" with frame)
    22" X 28" (30" X 23 1/2" with frame)

    There are seven different hand-made frame colors to choose from!

    dug Nap, Vermont: We Love It, VT Painting
    dug Nap Frame Color Options
    Price: $22.00
  • Deep Bowl


    Over the years, Jean Meinhardt has developed a unique and distinctive style using porcelain and her own high-fire crystalline glaze. When fired, the glaze creates crystalline structure that refracts light and gives each piece an iridescent, almost metallic, quality and thin lightning bolt patterns. Her pottery is functional and both dishwasher and microwave safe.
    These deep bowls are available in three sizes: 7, 9, and 11  inch diameter and are available in four colors: Iridescent Black, Green, Copper, and Chartreuse. Each are signed by the artist on the bottom. 

    Jean Meinhardt, Deep Bowls, VT Pottery
    Bottom, Jean Meinhardt, Deep Bowl, VT PotteryJean Meinhardt, Deep Bowl, Copper, VT Pottery
    Price: $38.00
  • Bicycle Vermont - Faux Vintage Travel Poster


    Each print is created with traditional airbrush and traditional watercolor techniques on paper. All of these posters are giclees prints of these original works. The prints are created using archival inks on archival watercolor paper.

    Each poster is available matted in two different sizes. The small size mat is 11" x 14" with a 5.5" x 7.5" image. The other available size has a 18" x 24" mat with an image of approximately 13" x 19". These are white, archival mats with acid-free foam core backing.

    Kevin Ruelle, Bicycle Vermont- Faux Vintage Travel Poster, VT Watercolor
    Matting Detail, Kevin Ruelle, Bicycle Vermont- Faux Vintage Travel Poster, VT Watercolor18x 24" Detail, Kevin Ruelle, Bicycle Vermont- Faux Vintage Travel Poster, VT WatercolorFraming Option Detail, Kevin Ruelle, Bicycle Vermont- Faux Vintage Travel Poster, VT WatercolorTube, Kevin Ruelle, Bicycle Vermont- Faux Vintage Travel Poster, VT Watercolor
    Price: $39.00
  • Great Blue Heron


    The focus of my photography is creating iconic images of wildlife that stimulate one’s imagination resulting in an increased awareness and a sense of responsibility for our wildlife and their habitat. As a visual artist, photographer, and printmaker I strive to reduce nature to its most basic elements to produce images with a degree of abstract realism.
    -CJ Hockett

    CJ Hockett, Great Blue Heron, VT Photography
    Price: $125.00
  • Daily Herbal Skin Cream


    Our all natural, thick, rich skin cream is made with emollient herbs that nurture and moisturize your skin while it repairs and regenerates skin cell growth. It is perfect for daily moisturizing of your face and body. -Cathleen Branon-Keogh, Herbalist

    All natural ingredients: sweet almond oil, aloe vera, distilled water, cocoa butter, beeswax, comfrey, calendula, chamomile, chickweed, elder flowers, lanolin, vitamin E, benzoin, and essential oils of lavender and elemi. This product is available in a 2 oz. jar with a lavender scent

    Daily Herbal Skin Cream, Cathleen Branon-Keogh, VT Skin Care
    Price: $14.95