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  • Teapot


    This leaf textured teapot by artisan Polly Whitcomb is stoneware pottery that is both microwave and dishwasher safe. It measures approximately 6" x 6" and is signed on the bottom by the artist. Each version of this pot is hand crafted and some variation between pieces will occur.

    Polly Whitcomb, Teapot, VT Ceramics, VT Pottery
    Top Detail, Polly Whitcomb, Teapot, VT Ceramics, VT PotterySpout Detail, Polly Whitcomb, Teapot, VT Ceramics, VT PotteryBottom, Artist Signature, Polly Whitcomb, Teapot, VT Ceramics, VT Pottery
    Price: $125.00
  • Sleigh Ride


    This scene is on frozen Star Lake in Belmont, VT. The horse is the locally famous morgan stallion "Hot Shot". He's pulling an antique bob sled driven by his owner Bruce Marston. A favorite photo of mine, I like to think that it depicts the way things looked in this village a hundred years ago.

    -Alistair McCallum

    Alistair McCullum, Sleigh Ride, VT Photography
    Signature Detail, Alistair McCullum, Sleigh Ride, VT PhotographyNumbering Detail, Alistair McCullum, Sleigh Ride, VT PhotographyFraming Option Detail, Alistair McCullum, Sleigh Ride, VT Photography
    Price: $145.00
  • Peace Circles


    Peace Circles is a combination woodcut and silkscreen print. Woodcut is a relief printing process where you cut away what you don’t want to print from a block of wood. The surface of the block is then inked with a brayer and printed onto the paper.
    In this print the red background was silkscreened onto the paper first and then the woodblock bird image was printed using a Vandercook #1 Proofing Press.

    Peace Circles is printed on Rives a 100% cotton acid-free paper. Archival quality matting and mounting materials are used in the presentation of this print.

    Carol MacDonald, Peace Circles, VT Printmaking
    Price: $75.00
  • Wind Farm


    “Wind Farm” is the first image in the "Farm Suite"

    This print is meant to evoke the beauty of an ordered agricultural landscape where man has enhanced nature. Not only do the hay bales and cornfields turn wilderness into three dimensional art but the wind turbines on the ridge line add kinetic sculptures that place the scene in the 21st century where Vermonters accept responsibility for the generation of their power.

    Medium: Archival Pigment Print From Woodcut
    Year: 2015    Edition: Open

    Wind Farm, Sabra Field, VT Printmaking, Frog Hollow Artist
    Price: $250.00
  • Will and Rowena


    Will and Rowena Austin spent their life on a hillside farm overlooking the village of Weston and Terrible Mountain. Pastures and mowings flowed from their barn downhill toward the town, skirted a swamp fed by a spring, surrounded the wolf maple tree on a small hill—shade for the horses and farmers during the heat of haying—and ended in woods.

    From "A Lifetime of Vermont People" p. 60

    Peter Miller, Will and Rowena, VT Photography
    Price: $250.00
  • Hilary & Alan's Maple


    In celebration of his new book, and Frog Hollow sponsored book tour of Vermont libraries, Peter has created a series of prints from "A Lifetime of Vermont People" featuring some of his most iconic images, both old and new. Each image is signed by the artist and sold matted and unframed.

    This image of Hilary & Alan's Maple Tree measures 8x16" and is matted to fit a 16x20" frame.

    Peter Miller, Hilary & Alan's Maple, VT Photography
    Price: $250.00
  • Fall Sugarhouse


    I photographed this image on a late Nov. afternoon. The clouds were racing by making for a dramatic scene of alternating light and dark. As with many things, timing is everything in photography and I snapped the shutter just as the sun broke through the clouds to illuminate this sugarhouse on the Smith farm in Shrewsbury, VT.

    -Alistair McCallum


    Alistair McCullum, Fall Sugarhouse, VT Photography
    Signature of Artist, Alistair McCullum, Fall Sugarhouse, VT PhotographyNumbering, Alistair McCullum, Fall Sugarhouse, VT PhotographyFraming Option, Alistair McCallum, Fall Sugarhouse, VT Photography
    Price: $145.00
  • Arthritis Salve


    This all natural salve has herbs that are known to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, soothe aching joints, heal sore, stiff aching muscles, and bring circulation and warmth to the injured achy area. An exceptional Salve for sports injuries.

     -Cathleen Branon-Keogh, Herbalist

    All natural ingredients include sweet almond oil, olive oil, beeswax, st. john's wort, comfrey rt., devil's claw, cayenne, horsetail, bladderwrack, wild yam, mustard, ginger rt., and essential oils of lavender, rosemary, sweet marjoram, eucalyptus, black pepper, cajeput and myrrh.

    Arthritis Slave, Cathleen Branon-Keogh, VT Skin Care
    Price: $13.25
  • Flight of Fire


    This bird like shape is actually the first two strokes of the Japanese kanji hi. In 2000 I made a fire vessel from the elbow of a 2-foot diameter pipe for my son’s 40th birthday. I cut the full kanji of four strokes in the center of the vessel to facilitate airflow for the fire.

    It was a perfect gift for him: he is a Japanese literature scholar and he loves to build fires.

    -Kate Pond

    This steel sculpture measures nineteen inches tall, twelve inches wide and five inches deep.

    Kate Pond, Flight of Fire, VT Metal
    Detail, Kate Pond, Flight of Fire, VT MetalDetail, Kate Pond, Flight of Fire, VT MetalArtist Signature Detail, Kate Pond, Flight of Fire, VT Metal
    Price: $500.00
  • Polar Bear Glass Paperweight


    My Representation in Glass, of the noble giant of the Arctic.  I really try to showcase the spirit of the Polar Bear with my work.  All white, with speckled ‘fur’ and torch-worked eyes, ears, and nose.  Each has an individual expression.  -Chris Sherwin 

    Offered in both Adult and “Cub” sizes:
    Polar Bear Adult: 4 inches tall, and 4-5 inches nose to tail
    Polar Cub: 3 inches tall/long

    Chris Sherwin, Polar Bear Paperweights, VT Glass
    Chris Sherwin, Polar Bear Paperweight, VT GlassChris Sherwin, Polar Bear Paperweight, VT Glass
    Price: $78.00